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A Simple Truth

There is a tremendous amount to learn when it comes to Antiquarian books and bindery. The process is complex and not easy. To this end I spent a year of my life learning and seeking out videos from youtube from various creators on the topics. Ranging from how to make paper, to binding the books, to glue to etc.

How did I do this? It took 24 hours a day for 7 days straight. Literally. Not figuratively.

1. Spent a year of my life searching YouTube for the best videos of one per day on average. (There are 200+). Some videos on the topic were not good and didn’t make the list. These are the crème de la crème.
2. Record the videos.
3. Create apropos APA citation for the video to give attribution and save the link for linkback to source.
4. Create “chapters” of various youtubers gathered in what makes logical sense. IE. Paper makers with paper makers and place pen videos with pen videos.
5. Create a Gigantic power point presentation that no one could open in a browser and make it look nice with artistry backgrounds and chapter images etc.
6. Separate the chapters by “save as” with a different save.
7. Delete space on my hard drive realizing how much space would be needed to do this project.
8. Export the chapters as MP4 (takes hours to do that for one chapter…literally)
9. Install whisper AI and handbrake.
10. Run whisper AI to generate the SRT file for WCAG compliance so I can eventually place the video online.
11. Run handbrake to take the multi gigabyte chapter video and compress it into one gigabyte and burn the subtitles into the MP4 that whisper AI generated. Repeat for all 28 videos. Each one took hours to do that with.
12. Once completed and all videos had subtitles…. I purchased a program to shrink them even more called shrinkit on the apple store.
13. Upload the now complete video to my onedrive …took forever. And wait for it to finish processing and be available on a private viewing of it.
15. Upload the videos and website I wrote to this page after coding this entire website by hand.
17. Turn it in as only part of one week’s worth of work for my MLIS 702 class. (the other pages on this website have a 60 page work effort on 15 annotated bibliographies).
18. Collapse… and smile with a job well done. This is PART of my MLIS project for graduation.
Attributon to all creators has been maintained to the best of my ability. On each slide is a APA citation. There is also a bibliography slide.

The essential premise of the Powerpoints is "If you had to create a library and sustain it and yourself by hand, how would you do that?" It seems to be a simple question but really drives home by the end of the 50+ hours worth of videos the depth of knowledge necessary. Along the way The value and creation process of Antiquarian books and how they are created is gleaned. The enormous amount of work necessary to create even a single book by hand cannot be understated. The powerpoints also contain myriad of pieces of information should the world ever be reduced to such a state again that it would require the manufacture of books by printing press or hand rather than machines. From EMP, to cronoal mass ejections from the sun, to simple supply chain shocks from microchips and war, there exist many reasons to wish to know how to create things from scratch and or how to do things sans electrcity. Thankfully, the history of book making and antiquarian books and bindery is replete with sources. Thus the enormous effort to collate them all into one place for a Graduate school course project. May this libguide and that effort serve you well.

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